Terms and Conditions Of Renting Penske Trucks

Terms and Conditions Of Renting Penske Trucks


Renting on behalf of an individual, set the following requirements:

  • Submit 2 Original KTPs (Husband and Wife or other family).
  • Submit a Marriage Book (for those who are married).
  • Original NPWP
  • Company ID Card (if it works).
  • Original Family Card
  • Provide Guarantee: Motorbike + STNK / Land Certificate
  • Payment in full in advance
  • Fill out the Transaction Form and Sign the Agreement
  • Willing to be in PHOTO as Borrower Data.

This is done for nothing, namely only to strengthen the borrower’s data, so if at any time the rental car is taken away then the borrower can be tracked and captured easily. Unless you already know the borrower, there is no need to ask for convoluted terms.

Terms that need to be known for tenants


Tenants are prohibited from doing:

  • Pawn the vehicle
  • Renting back to others
  • Selling vehicles
  • Transfer the lease
  • Use a car to follow evil
  • Increase the rental price from our offer (Mark Up)
  • Vehicles can only be driven by people who have a SIM
  • It is prohibited to leave the STNK, ignition keys and park in a parked vehicle

The 1 month rental period is calculated as 30 days
– Vehicle replacement does not apply if the damage / acquisition is due to negligence of the tenant

– Driverless transportation

Vehicle rental requirements for companies:


– Photocopy of SIUP and NPWP

– Photocopy of company establishment deed

– Photocopy of Company Registration Certificate

– Company domicile certificate

– Vehicle Order Letter

– Photocopy of the applicant

– Photocopy of KTP of directors, or responsible officials

– Power of Attorney if not the responsible company director

– Photocopy of driver’s license

– Photocopy of checking account for the last 3 months

– Willing to survey the applicant’s office and residence

– Pay a deposit as insurance guarantee

Vehicle rental requirements for individuals:

– Fill out the tenant biodata form

– Photocopy of proof of home ownership or residence

– Photocopy of PBB

– Photocopy of NPWP

– Photocopy of KTP, KK, Passport or KITAS (Applicant and Guarantor)

– Willing to survey us, your address and your place of residence

– Have a guarantor

– Photocopy of driver’s license

– 4 x 6 photo or other self-image

– Photocopy of savings account / current account for the last 3 months

– Pay a deposit of money as insurance collateral


Daily rental requirements without a driver:

– Introduced before, you have purchased at least 1 month at our Car Rental with a good record and your data has been recorded in our office before

Daily rental requirements:

– given identity

-Pay a minimum of 50% rent before receiving the car from the pool

The terms and conditions for renting a car rental off the key are certainly not the same between one car rental and another. But generally, each tenant must fulfill several documents for rental collateral, such as KTP, SIM, deposit money, passport, STNK, etc.

If you find a car rental company that dares to rent a car without warranty or special conditions, you should immediately check again whether the rental company is legal or not. Then, what are the requirements that must be met when renting a car without keys?

Car Rental Requirements for Companies

  • There must be an FC of company establishment deed, TDP, SIUP, NPWP, Company domicile, and HO.
  • There must be an FC KTP of the company director and user.
  • There must be FC Sim A, telephone bills and electricity bills.
  • Car Rental Requirements for In-City Students
  • Original KTP, Original Student Card, original SIM C, Original KTP and KK parents.
  • Motor and vehicle registration, which tax is still valid.
  • Shows you have SIM A.
  • Must Want to Be Surveyed.

Student Off-Key Penske Truck Rental Requirements:

  • There must be an original KTM, original KTP, original SIM C.
  • Own a motorbike and STNK where taxes apply.
  • Shows SIM A.
  • Want to be surveyed.

Car rental requirements for those who are not married:

  • Submit original KTP, original NPWP, original SIM C, original office ID CARD.
  • Have a motorbike and a valid STNK.
  • Shows SIM A.
  • Want to be surveyed.


Car rental requirements for those who are married:

  • Shows the ID of the original husband and wife, the original KK, the original marriage book, and the NPWP of the original husband.
  • Own a motorbike and STNK.
  • Show sim A.
  • Want to be surveyed.

Car Rental Requirements for Outside of Other Cities:

  • If you are a student whose domicile is outside the city, you must show the original KTP, original SIM C, original student card, KTP and KK of the original parents, and show SIM A.
  • However, if you are a student who has an outside domicile, you must prepare the same as the student car rental requirements. The only difference is KTM.
  • However, if you are not married and live outside the city, then you must submit your original KTP, original
  • NPWP, original ID card where you work, and have a SIM A.
  • For those who are married and domicile outside the city of Jogja, then show the ID of the husband and wife and the NPWP of the original husband and wife. Also show me the marriage book and the original KK. The last thing is to show SIM A.

Requirements for Car Rental for Foreigners or Foreigners

  • Must show national ID card (minimum 2 cards)
  • Have a passport.
  • Have copy of driving licenses.
  • Have a KITAS or KITAP document.

Off-key Penske truck rental terms

If you cannot fulfill the terms and conditions above and are incomplete, please contact the respective owner or company customer service. so you can find a solution.

To make a booking, please send a photo of the required document via WA, or email.

You can submit all of the originals when you receive the Penske truck you want to rent.

The required documents submitted must be original and valid.

If it turns out that the terms you submitted are not genuine or fake, we will take legal action against you.

All identity owners who become guarantors must come when they are about to hand over the car. Next, you must sign the car check list, submit the original documents, and want to be photographed with the car you want to rent.

All documents that are guaranteed will be returned again when the car is returned to the car rental.

The tenant may not pawn the vehicle and rent the car again to other people (being a mediator).

Tenants are prohibited from selling the leased vehicle or transferring the lease.

Tenants may not rent Penske trucks to commit crimes.

Vehicles can only be driven by tenants who have sim A only.

Well, That’s Some Examples Applying The terms and conditions for getting our Penske truck rental aren’t easy, right.